One day I decided that I would sign up to the gym, it started with the bike and sometimes the treadmill but grew to so much more. I tried some of the machines and before I knew it, I had fallen for lifting. I absolutely love challenging myself to become stronger, healthier and happier every day.  

I created my social media channels to track my progress and keep myself accountable but before I knew it, people started following my journey. I saw how many people lacked a support network and needed positive messages to keep them going. This inspired me to be the one that makes them smile every now and again if not every day.

I decided to create my "Fit For Life" InstagramFacebook and YouTube channels to motivate more people to find a happy balance in their life. I chose the name "Fit For Life" because being fit is so much greater than just the physical aspect, it's about being healthy - physically & mentally.

One thing lead to another and here I am. Enjoying a healthy life with a balance of nutritious food, working out & travelling whether it's to fitness expos or to explore the world and meet new friends. In 2017, I set the goal of challenging myself mentally and physically to step on stage and compete in my first ever competition - The Bikini Diva category of the WBFF in the Gold Coast. I learned so much about nutrition and training along the way and had many questions online about what I did to take my body to the next level. In 2018, I decided to compete again in the WBFF and placed 2nd. My whole shape and mindset had changed and everyone could tell. The results reflected my daily commitment and hard work ethic.

Progress takes time.

With so many people struggling with nutrition and a lot of fad diets and "quick fixes" being promoted online, I want to help inspire people live a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle. A proper nutritional program combined with exercise regime is essential to achieve your desired results. This is why I have worked with Ross to release an exclusive members-only app in which we can provide you with customised meal and training plans. Food is fuel and it is important to nourish our bodies. Eating well isn’t hard and it doesn't have to be as complex as many people make it out to be.

I no longer view my eating as if I am on a ‘diet’ but it’s simply a change in lifestyle that is maintainable year round.

Sending hugs and smiles your way xx